Monday, December 14, 2009

Russell from UP

This must be where they based the character on...

This is the before picture...

Must have dropped a few pounds for the UP premiere!



  1. Oh..he'll grow out of it!

  2. A few less Cheetos kid!

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  4. I have sn this movie (up)
    and the kid looks exactly similar to the one shown in this pic :D

  5. Exactly similar? Really?

  6. This has got to be who the character in the movie was based on. Too much of a coincidence. I loved the movie "Up." Great for adults as well as kids. It had me on the edge of my seat! Lots of fun.

  7. My friend Chris is from Korea, and when he saw this movie, he started laughing. His baby picture looks remarkably similar to the dude to, we laughed.
    Oh, and @ Ashish...
    Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful. That is all.


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